Mountain Hare.

Black Throated Divers

About Eoghain

I was fortunate to have spent most of my life in the Scottish Highlands and have had a passion for wildlife and the wilderness from an early age. 
From my early years brought up on a Highland estate, to the present day and my recent retirement in 2015 from working on a National Nature Reserve this has given me the privilege of witnessing our wildlife in their natural habitat in all seasons and recording this with my camera.
My aim is to get as close as I possibly can to the wildlife and I can spend hours photographing my subject. I love being able to get eye contact with the animals and birds as I feel that looking into their eyes helps me see into their souls. If asked which is my favorite animal/bird to photograph I would most likely say the Mountain Hare and Ptarmigan as I find them fascinating creatures and am in awe of the conditions in which they survive during the winter months.

I, like most photographers, am in the digital age, which is a vast improvement from my Kodak instamatic that I used as a child and the Cannon AV1 that came after that. My equipment at the moment consists of a Cannon 5d MkIII and a Cannon 7D MkII, lenses are a Cannon 500 F5.6, Cannon 300 F2.8 and Cannon 100-400 zoom. I prefer to shoot in raw at all times and all my photographs are downloaded into Lightroom. If, when I download a picture that does not meet my own quality control, then it is deleted. Most of my photographs are taken in the North West Highlands; gannets, mountain hares, brown hares and puffins are photographed in other areas of the Scottish Highlands.