about eoghain

about eoghain

My passion is to get as close as possible without disturbance to enable all to see the amazing facial expressions that our wildlife have.

About Eoghain

Eoghain Maclean is fortunate to have spent most of his life in the Scottish Highlands and has had a passion for wildlife and the wilderness from an early age.

From his early years brought up on a highland estate to the present day and his recent retirement from working on a national nature reserve Eoghain has had the privilege to witness our wildlife in their natural habitat in all seasons recording this with his camera, taking nature closer to you.

Eoghain's aim is to get as close as he possibly can to the wildlife and can spend hours photographing his subject. He loves being able to get eye contact with the animals and birds as he feels that looking into their eyes helps us see into their souls. If asked which was his favourite to photograph he would most likely say the Mountain Hare as he finds them fascinating creatures and is in awe at the conditions in which they survive in the winter.