Red Deer Stag

Red Squirrel

Camera Stalking Day Trips

I am in a position to offer camera stalking/days out with your camera.

I will endeavour to get you close up with the 'Monarch of the Glen' or any other Scottish species that you wish to photograph showing you how to stalk in on them without them being aware of your presence. The days out are designed and tailored to your specific needs and level of ability. If you are planning to stay in the area for a few days please get in touch and I will recommend one of our local Bed & Breakfast establishments


One to one is advisable but if you wish to share with family or friends I can take up to 3 people

  • 1 person - £130.00
  • 2 people - £85.00 per person
  • 3 people - £75.00 per person

For further details and to discuss requirements please do not hesitate to contact me by phone on 01445 760230 or by email.